Who are the CyberGuardiansPH?

We are a coalition of organizations: government agencies, NGOs and private institutions; and individuals driven and committed to achieve our mission and vision. We recognize the urgent need to co-create a safer cyberspace to protect our children and the youth against online sexual abuse, cyberbullying and other forms of cyber threats.  We believe that this can only be done through a “whole of nation” approach by implementing massive awareness campaigns on the issues and problems, cybersecurity and responsible use of social media education, digital parenting, self-care and values renewal programs

Our Mission & Values

Co-create a CyberSafePH for protection of children and the youth against online sexual abuse and exploitation, cyberbullying and all forms of cyber threats. We shall courageously combat OSAEC & cyberbullying with integrity, love, and compassion, in realizing our vision.

Our Vision

A country where every Filipino is SAFE from all forms of online sexual abuse, exploitation, and cyber bullying

Our Early Beginnings

An ecosystem activation workshop jointly organized by the DICT– Cybersecurity Bureau and Pacific Online Systems Corporation (POSC) with the support of The Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership’s THEORY U LAB, Philippines on March 7-8, 2019 paved the way for the formation of this coalition.

Our Strategic Objectives